What do you think of the recent training on attitudinal change for Police officers operating at the port?

I believe this would bring a tremendous change in the port environment if played by the rules and if all stakeholders can put all hands on deck. I am sure that whatever the police preach to their officers will go a long way to sanitise policing in the port environment. Also, stakeholders should support the effort of the senior officers to introduce effective policing at the port.

Kasmir Ihedioha


This will definitely bring about a new policing in all areas being discussed. I believe stakeholders will also look at the previous happening and work up modalities. The port encompasses so many agencies that are playing their part but the police are in charge of internal security and they have the power to arrest. So I believe training of officers under the Western Port will bring about attitudinal change to the force.


Yusuf Mamam


Right now we are still at the talk level; let’s see what the next few days portray. Starting from this training, I believe we are taking a good step in a right direction. If they feel the way they express it; we will see how we can synergize with them.  Having us under the same umbrella, and the thought of the CP indicates that she knows what she wants but translating words into action is a different thing all together. The Police are a macrocosm of a bigger society, so we don’t expect anything different. Indiscipline permeates every segment of the environment but if the leadership has the will to address it, then I think it is something that can be nipped in the bud. Of course command is style, if her style is to ensure things work right, no doubt we will see result.

Ayo Tanimowo


The training will definitely enhance their modus of operation. If they are not trained, they will still have the idea of doing things the old way but if they are trained, certainly there will be changes, even if it is not a significant one. Most of the complaints bother on indiscipline of the junior officers and I think it is because they are not well supervised. If they are well supervised, I don’t think there will be indiscipline among them.

Paulinus Eleta

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