Why banana is considered bad luck on ships

Why banana is considered bad luck on ships

Bananas are the most consumed fruits and are very healthy to eat. However, having bananas on a ship, especially on a private boat or fishing yacht, is considered bad luck.

Years ago, it was observed that bananas could cause fire aboard a ship because of its high amount of potassium.

Also, researchers said containerships carrying a cargo full of bananas disappeared at sea or sank, and never got to their destinations.

There have been several mythical narratives around bananas on board. Recreational fishermen especially consider it unlucky to have banana on their boats during fishing. A fisherman once narrated how he and his friend went fishing with bananas on board their boat. He said when they got on the lake a fog bank showed up, they then went in circles ending up at the same spot for two hours.

Trying desperately to fish and not catching any, they decided to drift. After a while, one of them suggested they eat the bananas and as they started eating it, the fog started to lift and eventually, they caught lots of fish. In essence, they believed that the bananas on board were responsible for their initial travail.

Another fisherman said he and his family went fishing in Roanoke River, United States. His relatives were on one boat and he was on another boat while fishing in the same spots, using the same fishing kits such as baits, rigs and many more, his relatives didn’t catch anything, they complained and were angry.

He said after sometime, they stopped and pulled ashore for lunch. While unpacking, they realized bananas were in the cooler they carried on to the boat. They disposed the bananas and after having their lunch they went back to the river and caught many fish.