Aurelia ferry stranded off Croatia

Aurelia ferry stranded off Croatia
PHOTO: Nick Savchenko

The 1980-built ferry Aurelia, carrying almost 350 people aboard, has been stranded off the coast of Split, Croatia.

According to local media reports, one of its engines malfunctioned in the early morning hours of May 9, causing the ship to drift into the Adriatic Sea.

Two tugboats have been sent to assist the stranded ferry, however, due to strong winds the units had to return back.

A third tug managed to attach a towline to Aurelia. The ferry is currently being towed and is scheduled to arrive to the port of Split later today.

Aurelia, operated by Italian firm SNAV, is deployed on a service between Ancona, Italy and Split, Croatia.

At the time of the incident the vessel was travelling overnight to the Croatian port.