Belgian F-16 fighter jet crashes in France

Belgian F-16 fighter jet crashes in France

The Belgian Defence Ministry on Thursday announced that a Belgian F-16 fighter jet has crashed near the French coastal town of Lorient in Brittany.

The Belga news agency reported the crash, citing the Defence Ministry and local French authorities.

The ministry said the two crew members were able to eject themselves from the aircraft, they both survived the incident and have been located.

According to the ministry, the parachute of one of the two was caught up in a high-voltage power line and the electricity service technicians were on-site to free the crew member.

According to the Ouest-France daily, the plane crashed on the outskirts of the town of Pluvigner, 50 metres from a house, which was partially damaged by the shock.

It said the area has been cordoned off and emergency services summoned.

The Belgian air force owns 60 F-16 fighter jets, according to its own information.

They are supplied by U.S. defence manufacturer, Lockheed Martin.