Customs intercepts smuggled African Artifacts in Italy

Customs intercepts smuggled African Artifacts in Italy
Port of Salerno

Italian Customs Police on Tuesday said that they had intercepted a load of precious goods smuggled from Africa, including a Phoenician-Punic jug.

The customs police added that the Phoenician-Punic jug possibly dates back to the third century BC.

The Guardia di Finanza Police found the goods in a container shipped to the Southern Italian Port of Salerno from Eritrea.

According to the police, the container was marked as containing the “personal goods” of two returning Italian citizens.

Inside the container, officers also found rare corals and shells, accessories made of snake and crocodile skin, African and Asian ivory as well as almost 21,000 kilogrammes of contraband cigarettes.

The “huge” seizure was this year’s biggest of such objects, the Police said.

The two Italians were reported for criminal prosecution, but not arrested.

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