Customs Zone A commissions 21 blocks of flats

Customs Zone A

As part of efforts, to solve the accommodation problems confronting officers of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), the southwest zonal office of the service on Thursday, commissioned 21 blocks of two bedrooms flat for its officers in Okokomaiko, Lagos.

According to the Zonal Coordinator, Assistant Controller of Customs, Katrene Ekekezie, the project was part of the Controller-General’s three-point agenda of reform, restructure, and promotion.

She added that the new accommodation is a morale boost for officers in the fight against smuggling.

Ekekezie said, “We are here to commission this lovely edifice that is meant for our officers.

“The CGC is very much aware that to get the best out of your officers, you have to house them so that the high rent people are experiencing will not affect their capability in discharging their duty.

“For now, the perimeter fence is yet to be done but soonest it will be upgraded and a strong gate attached,so our officers can man it.

“For some time now, our officers have been sleeping in the office and one of the reasons for this, is lack of accommodation.

“Zone A alone houses more than three-quarters of the total workforce of the service. So we need more of this.”

The customs boss noted that siting the accommodation in such community was to get closer to the people as a means to reduce smuggling as Okokomaiko serves as a route for smugglers.

“This will send a strong signal to them (smugglers) that now, we are living with you, just watch your back,” she said.