FRSC: Most trucks in Nigeria are not roadworthy

FRSC: Most trucks in Nigeria are not roadworthy


The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) says most of the trucks plying Nigerian roads are very old and must be changed to further enhance road safety and reduce accidents.

Lagos State Sector Commander of FRSC, Hyginus Omeje, who disclosed this in Lagos on Wednesday, said, “Most of the trucks on our roads are actually old, older than you and I. They need to be changed to further enhance safety on the roads.”

The corps commander said that human, mechanical and environmental factors had been responsible for the increasing road fatalities and deaths.

“At times, you see a truck having a lone crash and you begin to ask of the cause. The cause may be that the driver slept off or the truck is not mechanically sound and well managed,” he said.

He also said that the bad state of roads across the country has contributed to frequent accidents.

“We have had cases where some sections of the road that were well-expanded and rehabilitated witnessed fatal crashes when drivers wanted to finish their speedometer.

“If we can obey traffic rules and regulations and drive defensive, we can avoid all these crashes. Many times, vehicles that are not roadworthy are being managed by their drivers,” he said.