FRSC to prosecute truck, trailer drivers with extra headlight 


The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has said it will prosecute truck and trailer drivers who carry extra headlight in their vehicles as well as tanker drivers carrying tomatoes and firewood on their vehicles.

It is expected that the policy will take effect from June 1, 2018.

Corp Marshal of the FRSC, Boboye Oyeyemi who made the disclosure while speaking at the National Executive Council meeting of the National Association of Road Transport Owners (NARTO) in Abuja explained that only headlights fixed by the manufacturers of the trucks will be allowed as the extra headlights often blind road users coming from the opposite side.

Oyeyemi noted that tomatoes ferried by petroleum tankers are injurious to health and are not consumable, adding that such tomatoes are largely responsible for the growing cases of cholera in the country.

While commending members of the association for complying with use of speed limiters introduced in 2017, Oyeyemi told them they should also impress it on their drivers to avoid carrying firewood on top of their petrol tankers the fume from the fuel adds to the potency of the firewood which makes potentially dangerous.

The FRSC boss disclosed that with the use of speed limiters, the rate of accidents has continued to decline.

He said, “We have noticed very high compliance among operators of articulated vehicles and it is my hope that those that have yet to install the device in their vehicles will immediately embrace the policy to save the nation from avoidable menace of speed-induced crashes which account for most of the fatal cases recorded in the country.

“Generally, comparing the indices of first quarter 2017 and corresponding period this year, there is a downward trend. For the first quarter of the year, 1,945 crashes were recorded against 2,240 at the same period in 2017. Corresponding decrease was noticed in the number of people killed at 1,079 against 1,297 in 2017. 6,664 injured victims was recorded against 7,506.

“Particularly on trucks, tankers and trailers, the country in 2017 recorded an astronomical 1,637, 359, 657 cases respectively; 1,732, 308 and 624 in 2017. Due to the implementation of the Safe-to-Load Programme, appreciable drop has been noticed. In the current year for the 1st quarter 486, 78 and 169 of the categories have been recorded.”

He said added that the Federal Government has been demonstrating its commitment to improving the conditions of roads across the country.

National President of the Association, Alhaji Kassim Ibrahim Bataiya said it was evident that government alone cannot maintain the road network in the country. He added that private sector investment was key to road maintenance in the country under a public-private partnership arrangement.

Bataiya asked members of the association to prepare their mind to take over some of the federal and state roads and the toll gates that will be constructed as well as also take over the trailer packs being considered for construction across the country.

According to him, if the government decided to involve the private sector in the management of these facilities, they will be properly and effectively managed.