How to avoid buying a stolen vehicle

stolen vehicle 

If you buy a stolen car unknowingly, you could lose the car and your money. You may also be prosecuted for receiving stolen vehicle. The following tips may help you stay out of trouble when buying a vehicle:

For Foreign used cars

1. Ask for the original Customs papers and do a VIN check on the vehicle
2. Buy only from a reputable car dealer
3. Check for repainting of the car, especially the bonnet area where it is hard to re-spray
4. Check the glass for any engraving

For Nigerian used cars:
1. Ask for the original Customs documents

  1. 2. Ask for the original vehicle documents
    3. Confirm that the name on all documents match seller’s name. If not, let the seller provide proof of sale from original owner
    4. Input the plate number into FRSC database and make sure it conforms to the vehicle
    5. Make sure all documents are originals and not photocopies
    6. Take a selfie with the seller and the vehicle. Who knows, it might save you trouble in future.

Good luck!!!