Philippines bans international crew change for vessels arriving from seven countries

COVID-19: Singapore implements first full crew change 


The Philippines has joined a growing list of countries that is banning crew change for foreign seafarers vessels that have called at Indian sub-continent nations in the previous 14 days as well some Middle East countries.

From 15 – 31 May vessels that have called in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, United Arab Emirates and Oman in the previous 14 day are barred from disembarking their international seafarers in the Philippines, according to ship agents GAC.

“Filipino and foreign seafarers with no immigration admission in the above countries within the last 14 days preceding arrival in the Philippines shall be allowed to disembark subject to existing health and safety protocols of the established One-Shop Stops (OSS) for Seafarers,” GAC quoted.

For Filipino seafarers arriving from the seven countries in the last 14 days entry will be permitted with a 14-day quarantine period at a government facility.

The latest move that is same as a temporary ban on international crew change from 36 nations that was implemented from 30 December 2020 to 1 February this year in an attempt to tackle the spread of Covid-19 variants.

The Philippines, joins Fujairah, Singapore and Hong Kong among others, in restricting crew change for seafarers arriving from Indian sub-continent nations in the previous 14 days.