PHOTOS: Fascinating underwater discoveries   

The oceans and seas around us hold so many secrets and treasures. Divers and subaquatic archaeologists have invested enormous time and resources to unearth several amazing objects and hidden gems tucked away underwater.

We are happy to share some of these fascinating discoveries with you today.


This Monolith was created by ancient men and recently discovered by divers in the Mediterranean Sea. Years ago, the ancient stone was said to be used as a lighthouse.

Fascinating underwater discoveries_1
PHOTO: E. Lodolo


Underwater river

This is an incredible discovery where a river flows in the sea. It was discovered by divers in Tulum, Mexico. There are other discovered underwater rivers in different sea around the world like in the Black Sea, Coast of Australia near Perth.

PHOTO: Pinterest

Blue lobster

Lobsters are mostly red colored but this amazing and rare blue lobster is one in two million. It was discovered recently in Cardigan Bay, wales, United Kingdom.

PHOTO: Tim Harrison


Ancient church

This ruined ancient church was discovered in Lake Iznik, Turkey. The old church was built on the shore of lake Iznik and it sank after an earthquake occurred.

PHOTO: Mustafa Sahin


Ancient bowl

This ancient bowl was found in Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America and discovered from an ancient religious site underneath the water.

PHOTO: Teddy Sequin


Egyptian hieroglyphic

It showed the symbols used by ancient Egyptians. It was discovered by divers off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt.

PHOTO: Christopher Gerigk


Ancient computer

Divers discovered this 2000-year-old Greek mechanism from the Antikythera shipwreck off the coast of Antikythera island in Greece. It was believed by scientists to be a computer and calendar, mapping the solar and lunar calendars.

PHOTO: Smith Sonia.