Volumes rise by 9.1% at Chinese container ports

Volumes rise by 9.1% at Chinese container ports


Chinese ports are getting back to normal after the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and last week saw 9.1% jump in container volumes, however, bulk shipments were down.

The last week has seen a continued positive trend for container volumes at China’s largest container ports.

According to China Ports & Harbours Association, for the week of 2 – 8 March, the container throughput of the eight major container ports increased 9.1%. Among them, the growth rate of Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao and Guangzhou increased 10%. The overall growth rate of Bohai-rim ports is faster than other coastal ports.

While container volumes were up crude oil and iron ore volumes at major loading and unloading ports dropped last week.

Apart from ports in Hubei, the epicentre of the virus outbreak, other ports along Yangtze river have returned to normal operation. The cargo throughput of three major ports at Yangtze river, Nanjing, Wuhan (in Hubei) and Chongqing increased 7.7%, while the container throughput increased 16.1%.

Currently, the ports in Hubei are recovering slowly and face a lack of staff and workers. Staff are mainly involved in services related to epidemic prevention and medical appliance supplies, and providing logistics services for manufacturing companies.

However, the recovery of Chinese container volumes now faces the impact on demand from the growing spread of the pandemic to Europe and the US.