Epidemic looms as gridlock hampers waste removal in Apapa

Epidemic looms as gridlock hampers waste removal in Apapa

The Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has raised the alarm over a potential outbreak of epidemic in Apapa, Lagos over the inability of its officials to remove waste from the port city. 

The Head, Public Affairs, LAWMA, Obinna Onyenali, who disclosed this in a statement in Lagos on Thursday, said traffic gridlock along the Apapa-Oshodi Expressway is hampering the removal of waste by the agency in Apapa. 

He said the gridlock, often caused by articulated vehicles and trucks, had caused the collapse of public hygiene and waste management in Apapa.

He said almost all the roads in the area had become inaccessible by LAWMA’s operational vehicles.

”This deplorable condition of the environment at Apapa and the continuous degeneration of quality of life has become a source of worry for LAWMA.

”LAWMA in recent times has intensified efforts to rid the state of backlog of wastes which have defaced the environment.

”We have deployed trucks across the state to stem the tide of indiscriminate dumping of refuse.

”We have also engaged the PSP operators to tackle wastes at household level.

”However, all efforts by the authority to extend its services to Apapa are being hampered by the heavy presence of articulated trucks.

”These trucks have blocked everywhere and made the roads impassable for LAWMA and PSP operators,” he said.

Onyeali said that the situation had affected the operations of LAWMA sweepers, who are not able to work efficiently.

“If the situation is not quickly addressed, the general degradation of the environment could lead to outbreak of epidemic,” he added.