Maersk opens new possibilities in shipping of perishable goods

Maersk opens new possibilities in shipping of perishable goods

Maersk, the global integrator of container logistics, completed its first successful shipment of mangoes from Nhava Sheva in Mumbai, to Felixstowe, London. Exporter, Bombay Exports, exported 21 tonnes of Kesar and Badami mangoes within a period of three weeks through Maersk’s reefer containers that use advance Remote Container Management (RCM) technology. Controlled Atmosphere (CA) is one of the offerings which helps in extending the shelf life of perishable fruits and vegetables by slowing down their ripening process. With this innovative offering, Maersk has opened new possibilities in shipping perishable goods which otherwise required faster, yet more expensive, air freight solutions.

Mangoes attract a high demand and a good price in European markets. Maersk stepped in to ensure that there is uninterrupted and seamless trade by supporting this shipment by sea in contrast to the air shipment which is the norm in the industry. Air freight cost increased by 25-30% in April 2019 owing to the stagnation of cargo flights. Furthermore, since maritime shipping has a longer duration in contrast to aerial, RCM aids in sustaining the quality of produce by extending their shelf life. For this project, the CA container had Oxygen and CO2 set at specific levels to achieve the successful extension of shelf life.

Maersk is committed towards enabling trade in the reefer segment. With the successful shipment of mangoes from India to the UK, Maersk has established itself as an expert logistics partner when it comes to Controlled Atmosphere offering and helping the country in increasing exports of perishable cargo.

Commenting on this achievement, Steve Felder, Managing Director, Maersk South Asia, said, “With the difficulties in air freight in the current scenario, approximately 200 metric tonnes of air exports of fruits & other perishables are being impacted every week, leading to a huge loss of produce. Furthermore, a strong demand for mangoes in European markets, provided us with a chance to leverage our superior technology in preserving refrigerated (reefer) cargo. Through this shipment, we were also able to strengthen our relationship with government bodies, including the Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA). We believe that this successful project will further open doors for trade of more premium commodities.”

Pleased with the successful delivery, Anand Shejwal & Pritesh Shejwal, Managing Directors of Bombay Exports, mentioned, “Maersk, with their end-to-end supply chain solutions especially in the reefer segment, has always been a trusted partner to us. With Maersk’s RCM and CA offerings which provides a controlled environment for the products, we were confident to execute this shipment as it provided us with complete visibility throughout the transit until being delivered to our customer. Having received equally positive feedback from the importer, this trial has encouraged us to pursue further such opportunities in reefer trade.”

With 700 FFE’s (Forty-Foot Equivalent unit) exported annually through Maersk, Bombay Exports is one of the largest refrigerated container (reefer) exporters out of India for the company. The importer, Ahmed Exotic Ltd. was satisfied to receive the consignment in the right conditions.

Source: Maersk